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Destination Gredos Spain

Accommodations for rural escapes in Gredos (near Avila). The Sierra of Gredos is a natural space home to the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism granted by the EUROPARC Federation (which clusters the protected natural spaces in Europe). The prominence of its mountain range makes Gredos from a biological point of view one of the most interesting spaces of all western Europe.

The accommodations in “La Vieja Usanza” (the literal translation would be ‘The Old Custom’) consist of three (3) independent apartments – one for each floor (see details below) – which can be rented separately or all together (all “La Vieja Usanza” house) with our Wine Cellar- included in the price – in order to celebrate your meetings with friends and other kind of private events to make your stay a unique one. Total capacity: 17 persons.

All of the areas and rooms being perfectly equipped and with all the comfort to make the perfect and unforgettable rural escape with a minimum duration from one (1) weekend to several weeks.

“La Vieja Usanza” is a very cozy space where a special accent has been given to the design of its recent construction. It is pet-friendly allowing pets in its rooms.

Enjoy Spain

Do you want to know a Spanish town full of charm ? … If you prefer to visit Madrid … This is not your destination. If you want to know Spain, its inhabitants, its surroundings, its gastronomy … Hoyocasero is your destinyamet adipiscing sem neque sed ipsum. Nam quam nunc, blandit vel

Enjoy with your loved ones

Destination. Spain, Gredos, Hoyocasero, Avila, Laviejausanza.es

“La Vieja Usanza” is a very cozy space where a special accent has been given to the design of its recent construction. It is pet-friendly allowing pets in its rooms.

Enjoy with your pet … your children, parents, grandparents, family … We have all kinds of activities for each age.

Talk to us and let yourself be advised

•Pet owners also have the right to a rural escape

•Shelter prices are very expensive

•We are not at ease leaving our pet in a shelter

•Our pet suffers when we leave it even if it is only for a weekend

•We cannot always leave our pet to be taken care of by family or friends

•It is a bit annoying to constantly be asking: “Do you allow pets?”

•We understand that a responsible behavior is accepted and proved.


Destination. Our warehouse exclusively for you

Let us organize your event.

The Wine Cellar can also be used as a avant-garde rustic pub specially designed for all sorts of events and celebrations, including a bar counter, small kitchen, heating and chimney, cinema, music distributed all over the place, fume extractor, washroom, dish washing machine and kitchen cutlery. Room for 30 persons. You can also celebrate your private events

An exclusive pub for you, bar, kitchen, toilet, heating, music in stereo, oven for roasts, smoke extraction … Home cinema, music without volume limit.

Prefer for children, prefer for singles … Tell us

Have you ever considered Enjoying Life?


Do you want to know what freedom is?

Do you want to make sense of your life?

Do you like motorbikes ?

You love nature ?

You are brave ?

Do you want to feel the blood in your veins, the beat of your heart?

My great friend El Loco ESCOCES

Your destiny:

Spain, Avila, Gredos … LaViejaUsanza.es

If you love gastronomy … Here is your meeting point

Juan Isidro, Ismael, Sergio Fernandez…

We are waiting with open arms…

Do you like Spanish cuisine?

Our partners, friends … Like Sergio Fernandez, from Televisión Española will be happy to accompany you …


You can enjoy this at a very low cost. We do it for love.

Enjoy Spain, its essence, its flavor, its feelings, its landscapes, its gastronomy, its art … its essence

Your destiny in Spain where to give free rein to your dreams

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